As we begin to enjoy the warmer temperatures, the end-of-the-year festivities, and all that Spring and Summer have to offer, we all find ourselves hanging in our kitchens more. Entertaining friends, gathering as a family, trying new recipes, the kitchen is the life-center of a home!


Here are 3 simple tips to make your kitchen the warmest, most inviting, and most efficient room it can be.


Expand your seating vocabulary: Once a room reserved for 6 matching solid wood dining room chairs, expanding your seating options can enhance your kitchen’s coziness and welcome factor. Mixing different textures, fabrics, and functions can make your kitchen feel like a room made for gathering instead of the back room of a chain restaurant. Wicker, clear plastic, leather stools, low pillow-like poofs, benches…try them all!


Keep your counter clutter free but interesting: Skip the piles of bills, magazines, and kids school papers, your counters should be clean and free of miscellaneous papers. Consider having a serving tray or basket with a few interesting discussion starters; a picture book, a card-game, colored pencils, empty notebook, crossword puzzle, etc. Items that invite a guest or family member to linger and participate


Self-Serve Stations: Depending on the age of your family members, or the type of guests you typically host, walk through your kitchen in their shoes… is your coffee station complete enough for a guest to serve themselves? Is your snack area set up for small children to be successful in choosing their own food? Does your fruit basket have welcoming and yummy choices for a guest to pluck from? Making things accessible and as ‘do it yourself’ as possible makes your kitchen inviting.


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