Drama, drama, drama! If you are talking about teenagers it’s not too much fun, but if you are talking kitchen design, well, now that is fabulous! Here at Northern Kentucky Distinct Construction we love kitchen remodeling and we certainly love bringing a little drama to the mix when designing them.

When beginning to consider your new kitchen space the first thing to consider is the actual size of the area you will be working with and then designing it to offer the most functionality to meet your needs. So much more that cooking takes place in the kitchen these days. Designing a space that allows room to socialize is important. Kitchens are now a place where we celebrate birthdays, gather for the holidays as well as double as our home office and homework space. So there is a big need for versatility.

What’s your style? Anything goes in today’s space. As we mentioned earlier, this is where you can add some drama! Dramatic features and style is a thing these days. From farmhouse to industrial, if you can imagine it in your space, you can put it there. With the Pintrest movement, we’ve seen everything from garage doors, to tire rims, to old doors and up-cycled furniture being used for cabinets to counters to windows. So go with whatever you heart desires. It’s your space, create it to reflect who you are! The style is limitless.

Pop, pop, pop! Of course, add a little more drama to the mix here. Let the color bring your kitchen to life, while I must say that it seems the craze is white with a pop of color, we are seeing more darker paints used on cabinets to bring depth to the space. Whatever you flavor, color is in. From navy to bright yellow to all shades of gray. Add some color to bring life to what will be your most used space!

Take time and enjoy creating the space of your dreams. Don’t rush the process and know that in the end you will be glad you did. A kitchen typically presents a return on your investment of about 65-80%! That is fabulous! So don’t be afraid to put some funds towards the project. It will increase the value of you home and will be a space where lots of happy memories are created.

So stop reading and get designing. Need a pro to assist ? We are just a phone call away!