Spare bedroom? Nah. 

Kids’ playroom? They already have a room. 

Family room? That’s what all the other rooms are for!


Congratulations! You’ve weighed the options and come to a final conclusion; the best use of that unfinished basement/lower level is (drumroll)…. A man-cave! You’ll have a place to relax, entertain, and just do ‘guy’ stuff. And the time is here to plan out your man-cave. Whether you’re into sports, poker, or watching action movies, let’s take a look at some essential components to the man-cave experience.


  1. Television – Whether it’s the big game or the latest Netfilx release, you’ll need something to watch while you stuff popcorn in your mouth. The newest 4K and Smart TVs put you up close to the action like never before. Don’t forget to double-check your television provider services. Nothing worse than inviting the guys over to watch the game, only to find out your subscription doesn’t include ESPN 8 (the ocho).
  2. Sound System – Today’s televisions come with some great built-in sound systems. But they still pale in comparison to a surround sound system. Connecting the system to your preferred music streaming service ensures that when the TV is off, the tunes take over your man-cave.
  3. Recliner – I learned a lot when I got married. One of those lessons was that recliners have no place in the “living room”. Thankfully they are a perfect edition to the man-cave! Part chair, part bed, all comfort!
  4. Recreation Area – When you’ve stared at the TV so long you find yourself watching the XFL, it’s time to step away from the boob-tube and enjoy some friendly competition. Pool tables are a classy way to socialize while also stirring the competitive juices. Short on space? A dart board is the way to go! Got a core-group of friends? Consider a poker/gaming table for all those late nights of Texas Hold ‘em or Catan.
  5. Refrigerator – Running upstairs to the kitchen every time someone needs a beer is just plain silly! A beer refrigerator or kegerator is the perfect addition to the space.
  6. Wet Bar/Kitchenette – If you’re not going to go upstairs to get a beer, might as well make the entire place self-sustaining. Adding a wet bar and/or a kitchenette can be a remodel that makes your space feel less like your basement and more like your college apartment reincarnated!
  7. Bathroom – Odds are your home’s plumbing system already moves through the basement. Adding a half bath to the space means you and your guests can truly be self-contained in the cave.
  8. Walkout – The advantages of having a walkout in the man-cave cannot be overstated. Guests can come and go without disturbing others in the house. Anyone who smokes, needs to make a phone call, or just needs some air can easily slip out for a second. While this can be a major addition to a remodel project, you may decide it is worth it in the long run.
  9. Workout equipment – Every once in a while you’re going to get that urge to get back into high school football shape. When that bug hits you, be ready with a treadmill, bench, or other preferred piece of equipment. If nothing else, your buddies can hang their coats on it when they come in.
  10. Video game system – Today’s video games are realistic and immense. If you haven’t played a video game since Madden 2000 came out, don’t worry! Your buddies will show you all the in’s-and-out’s (as they beat you senseless).


When you’re ready to turn that lower level in the male den of relaxation, give the pros at Distinct Construction a call. We have the knowledge and experience you need to get the job done right!