Designing the kitchen of your dreams is, for many, a dream come true. It is important to consider the ways you use your kitchen and how the space can best serve your needs. Most of us only get one shot at making our kitchen “perfect”. Before you even start the contractor bidding process, it is important to know exactly what you want, as sudden changes cost everyone time and money. There are enumerable options when it comes to materials and finishes… too many to discuss here! Rather, let’s explore some of the possibilities you may not even know exist; those trendy design and storage options that can turn your kitchen into a functional work of art.


  • Material – Wood has been the prevailing cabinet material for decades. However metal and stainless steel have made a resurgence in recent years. Glass-paned cabinet doors aren’t just for displaying your china anymore. Today many cabinet door designs feature full or half glass panes, making finding things a cinch for you and your guests. 


Speaking of doors, who needs them? Many people don’t and maybe you don’t either! Open cabinets have become very popular and unlike most remodel options, skipping the doors will actually save you money.


And while we are getting rid of the doors, who says we need cabinets at all? Stainless steel restaurant tables with their open design, are a great way to display your kitchenware and keep it accessible. Want something more unique and less modern? Repurposing furniture such as dressers and armoires into kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen pop!


  • Accessory & Storage – When it comes to storage, the possibilities go way beyond the traditional corner lazy susan. Trays, shelves, and cabinets that pull out help keep your dry goods organized and accessible. Placing a removable steel rack into a large cabinet with no shelving, such as the one under your sink, can help you utilize all of your available space.


For more unique options, consider repurposing antique wood containers into open storage. Old crates and wine boxes can be transformed into wine racks or even open shelving. The only limit to what can be used is your imagination!

A quick tour through the Internet or Pinterest will help get you in the mindset of the many possibilities with your kitchen storage. Once you have some ideas for what works best for you and your space, contact Distinct Construction, Northern Kentucky Custom Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Basements,  to schedule a consultation for a home renovation project, and start making that dream a reality!