You’ve saved, you’ve planned, you’ve dreamed— you are ready for a major home renovation project in the form of a basement transformation. You are ready to turn that craggy dark basement into the best living space there ever was!

OR, maybe you’ve done none of the above? Your knowledge of a basement remodel ends at that one time you stepped foot in a finished basement and thought ‘Wow, this is wonderful!’ But, it ended there; a basement renovation either out of reach or seemingly impossible for you.


Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of basement renovation expertise and knowledge, let’s take a look at some of the basics surrounding basements and their potential renovation successes! Distinct Construction is a leader in Northern Kentucky on the topic of basement remodeling, making projects accessible to all!


Check Your Local Laws : Being informed about your local jurisdiction’s laws regarding permits, cost of permits, and project approval will save you unnecessary headaches and barriers. While the temptation might be present to skip the permit step (the basement is out of sight, no one will notice, right?) the punitive fines associated with that nonsense are not worth it! When you partner with Distinct Construction, advising and help regarding permits is readily available so that you don’t feel in the dark about the legality of your renovation.


Primary Function: It’s important to have healthy family discussions about the primary function of your new basement space. If you envision it as a new ‘Mother-In-Law’ suite, but your teenage children are planning to host their next ping-pong tournament down there, and your spouse is excited to display their long-boxed shot glass collection on their shiny new bar… you will have a problem! The most successful basement renovations involve a clear plan about the goal of the space.


Blueprint Basics: Once an ultimate functional goal is agreed upon, involving a professional builder, such as Distinct Construction, will help you layout a floorplan. Load bearing walls, ceiling heights, water heaters, fuse boxes, furnaces… many barriers that require a professional to incorporate in a manageable and aesthetically pleasing way. If you have ‘resale value’ in your long term goals, keep in mind that most homebuyers are looking for an open floor plan and that adding to your home’s bedroom count is always a bonus.


Let there be Light: Make light a priority; if you are able to create a walk-out basement, you’ll be adding more natural light, where as a below-grade basement will need more help. Adding as much lighting as possible, usually in the form of recessed lighting to avoid low-ceiling clearance issues, is the best way to make your new area feel ‘above-ground.’


Be Vaguely Specific? That ironic clash of words is important… choosing elements that give character to your space as well as help align it with the rest of your living spaces is important, but you don’t want to choose overly specific elements that could turn off future buyers, or even a future you! Keep flooring and wall coverings both visually neutral as well as wear-and-tear aware. Basements are prone to moisture and flooding, so choosing high-end flooring and wall coverings are usually not recommended. 

All basements have potential to add value to your home as well as your family’s standard of living. Using a trusted contractor such as Distinct Construction will help smooth over any bumps in the renovation road; legal hiccups, blueprint barriers, and design dilemmas! Contact the Noll Brothers, experts in all areas involving home renovation (kitchens, bathrooms, and basements!) to start planning your successful basement renovation.