We all know that rooms and spaces in houses evoke a feeling…you feel something when you walk into a room. Whether that’s a sense of calm, warmth, productivity, anxiety, cleanliness… The architecture, furniture choices, color palettes— all of the elements of the room work together to form its essence. One major player in a space’s essence is LIGHT! The right light can correctly define an entire space! 


Let’s highlight  the ‘littlest lights of all’…Puck Lights.

A puck light is a light that is small and shaped oval or round. These small LED lights are easy to mount, and you can purchase them in various intensities. Many puck lights come equipped with a timer, a dimmer, and a ‘night-time’ mode, usually controlled by a small remote. While remote capabilities are a great technological advancement, most puck lights have the ability to be ‘tapped’ on with the hand. They can be battery operated, or in some instances, hard wired into a room’s outlet system. 


These very versatile little lights pack a big punch in enhancing a space’s definition, style, and function. 


Most commonly, puck lights are used in kitchens to highlight countertops and backsplashes when mounted out of sight under top cabinets.The puck light function comes to life when the sun goes down! Especially beautiful and useful when entertaining guests, you can transform your kitchen into a calm visiting area without the brightness of the overhead working lights.


When used in this way, their ‘wow’ factor is so worth it! Especially when designing a kitchen with a backsplash or counter that features patterns, striations, or a special sheen, having the ability to ‘show’ it’s wonder is important and an artistic choice! If you have an expansive countertop, puck lights can help define certain areas (coffee station, small bar area, fruit basket, etc.)


Beyond placing them under the top cabinets to highlight the countertop, puck lights can be used more functionally: inside dark cabinets to help illumine pots and pans, in reading nooks to ‘up’ the light source, in the pantry to help see the difference between flour and sugar, in dark stairwells to prevent falls, and in the bathroom as a self-service night light….the options are endless!

At Distinct Construction, we design with both style, function, and longevity in mind! Lighting isn’t an afterthought, but instead an integral part of our design process. Puck lights are just one of the many options we consider when planning your space! Your Kitchen, Bathroom, or Basement should evoke a pleasant emotion…calm, warmth, beauty; and with our years of experience, we understand how light can influence a space. Contact us today to inquire about how we can bring in the LIGHT to your space!