If you’re a homeowner of an older home, chances are that you already know the intricate details and nuances of the personality of an older home. They can be persnickety and each offers its own set of unique obstacles and variances. When considering a remodel or redesign of an older home, there are added concerns to consider but also hidden joys and surprises that can turn any run-of-the-mill renovation into a true adventure.


You must be willing to embrace the unknown and understand that your house should have been constructed in a certain way; usually, it falls short of the should as all builders/architects don’t have the hindsight us futuristic homeowners have. Be prepared for the load bearing walls to be opposite what you may think. Be prepared for poor plumbing and electrical work. Be prepared to fix things you didn’t plan on having to fix. Setting aside a contingency plan in your budget (15% is recommended for an older home) is a smart way to plan for the unplannable.


Your plan a, plan b, and plan c for modified floor plans probably won’t come to exact fruition. Once you start peeling back layers of the house you’re going to find some amazing new ways to lay out your floor plan. Uncovering nooks and crannies or possibly finding original architectural details that you want to display are 2 great reasons to abandon your best laid plans and think outside of your box.


Stay true to what you need and what you want in your house. While there will be compromises along the way, be sure to not skimp on what you need. Creating a prioritized list and reviewing the ‘not up for discussion’ pieces will help put into writing your real desires and needs.Don’t be afraid to take design risks in spaces that naturally evolve with the decades (bathrooms and kitchens) Choosing bold and more modern choices in these rooms will not compromise the integrity of the house.


Take pride in knowing that you are giving new life to your house. Being a steward of a home that has housed countless families and people is a blessing and a great responsibility. Consider the changes you are making and how they will be a blessing to future generations that will be in the house. Distinct Construction is committed to providing the best remodeling services to any age home in the Northern Kentucky; specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.