As Spring begins, we’re all looking for a bit of brightness and new life. A current trend in home remodeling is making changes to your decor, color palette, and even home layout to invite in whatever sunshine you can find. Create your own staycation feel or create a better way to use the outside space you have. Here some ways to incorporate this vibe into your home:

Let the sunshine in!

More than just a song from the musical Hair, altering your home to allow more sunlight can do wonders for your mental health. Distinct Construction would love to help you brainstorm how this is possible in your home and make it happen. Maybe adding French doors between rooms? Or adding doors with full window panes leading into your backyard? Strategically place mirrors to reflect sunlight throughout your space?

Brighten up your walls

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to refresh your space. Use your favorite vacation spots to inspire a color palette. Enjoy a beach vacation? Try bright tropical blue or yellows. Feel most relaxed in a mountain setting? Try shades of green.

Add home decor touches that remind you of sunnier times

Have any vacation mementos from past travels? Put them out on a shelf where they can catch your eye as you’re going about your day. Pictures you’ve taken? Now might be a great time to get some prints made and hung up in your home. Have a bit of fun reliving an old trip by making a shadow box or have photo tiles made and decorate a whole wall.

Remodel Outside Your Home

We may be a home remodeling company, but that remodeling doesn’t need to stop at the four walls of your home. We can help transform your backyard into a space for open-air dining and entertaining, by constructing a porch or patio. Let us make your space work for you!

If you have questions or are to give your own home that staycation vibe, give the experts at Distinct Construction a call!

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