Jumping into the real estate market is challenging for both buyers and sellers. And if you’re planning to move soon, you may be in both of these roles. The home you’re currently in is where you’ve made so many great memories, and selling it may be tricky. One of the reasons is the subjective attitude of sellers. After living in a home for a while, they stop seeing some of its flaws – things that potential buyers will surely notice. That may also be why they are reluctant to renovate before selling. On the other hand, certain sellers want to make their home look good to sell it as quickly as possible. But is it all worth it? Will you invest money and time you won’t be able to get back?

This guide will help you understand this situation better and see if your old home needs a touch-up before putting it on the market. Let’s see if you should renovate your Northern Kentucky home before selling it and moving out.

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It’s not an easy decision, so you need to set priorities and act wisely. Alt.tag: a man using a tool to renovate

Will renovating pay off?

Renovating everything around your home before putting it on the market is not the smartest thing to do. However, if you make the right strategy, these investments can surely pay off. You need to pick the right projects for your renovations to make the best strategy. This means you should consider two things – problems your house has and house features homebuyers are looking for. This will narrow your options and help you decide on the best areas of your home that you should renovate. For example, the kitchen and bathroom are generally the key areas you should consider renovating in your Northern Kentucky home.

Also, doing minor upgrades that don’t cost a fortune can help raise the value of your property. Make small changes that will make your house more attractive and ‘push’ buyers into feeling more comfortable when they visit. Some ideas for low-cost upgrades that certainly pay off are:

  • Painting the house – the front door, windows, and even the garage door, especially if it’s facing the street. If necessary, replace the front door/garage door for maximum effects.
  • Replacing hardware around the house – doorknobs, handles, faucets, etc. Pick shiny new ones that will transform each furniture piece/cabinet door, etc.
  • Painting walls – a fresh coat of neutral paint will do so much to the room, and it doesn’t need to cost a lot.
  • Take care of your porch/deck – adding one of these to your home will immediately make the buyers fall in love with your home. These relatively inexpensive investments bring the best ROI.
  • Fix what’s broken around the house – replace anything damaged or malfunctioning, such as switches, roof leaks, pipes – anything that may prevent a buyer from making an offer.

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Sometimes even the small projects make a big difference, so you don’t need to renovate your Northern Kentucky home before selling completely. Alt.tag: A mom and a son painting a wall, showing you should renovate your Northern Kentucky home before selling

Do buyers want to renovate according to their own taste?

Well, this is not entirely true. Some buyers have a vision of what their new home should look like. They also look for houses with room for more renovations after the purchase, so they also offer less money. This makes the no-renovation scenario perfect.

However, not all buyers are like that. Nowadays, people are busier than ever, running a business, taking care of their families, etc. They are certainly not enthusiastic about renovation and want a quick move-in process. Also, many buyers can’t visualize what they want from their future homes. They know it when they see it. For this reason, you should renovate your Northern Kentucky home before selling it. The house will be a finished product, and your potential buyers will be more likely to make the purchase, knowing they can move in as soon as possible.

Will you put off the sale for a long time if you decide to renovate your Northern Kentucky home?

Naturally, inexperienced sellers hesitate when it comes to renovation. Apart from high renovation costs, they are afraid of pushed deadlines and waiting for a long time to put up a listing. However, this is not always the case. If you make a plan for your renovations and, more importantly, have the right team to do it, your sale will not wait for too long. Experienced teams provide their services in expected time frames, so your renovation project doesn’t need to be too time-consuming. The crucial thing about it is to make a solid plan, have the necessary budget, and do the research on professional, reliable teams in your area.

Remodeling can actually speed up the process. Homes that have recently been renovated typically go off the market first. In this case, be ready to let experts give you a hand with moving out your items and bringing them into a new Kentucky home. Again, explore more than one option to decide on the right local movers and ensure a safe and fast-moving process. With all the renovation and selling, people often underestimate the importance of a well-organized relocation. This leads to overpaying and more safety troubles you definitely want to avoid.

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Some buyers are ready to move in – they don’t want to renovate the house they just bought. Alt.tag: a couple moving to a new home

The best way to decide…

…is to try to put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. Be objective when evaluating your home and see the problems you should or shouldn’t tackle before the sale. Imagine you’re the one buying this property, so you can decide if you should renovate your Northern Kentucky home before selling or create a listing without any changes.

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