Depending on your personality, chores can either be a joyful task to conquer or a dreaded dark cloud hanging over your busy life… for some, chores can be a little of both! Tasks that when completed, give you peace of mind and a feeling of control, but also might require more self discipline in order to complete. Reminiscing about your childhood, you might be able to remember your assigned chores and the rewards, bribes, or consequences involved! Sticker charts, allowances, TV time, sweets… they aren’t just for children; adults need disciplined structure to stay on top of their household duties.

We can all agree that a clean living environment promotes a calmer, happier, and less stressful living situation. When you are able to relax in the comfort of your own home without clutter and mess, your focus can be on relaxation, rejuvenation, and spending quality time with loved ones. But, how does one achieve such a lofty goal? To boast a perpetually clean house, one must take frequent and planned actions; a cleaning plan to follow!

Creating a schedule of cleaning tasks can be confusing; the frequency and duration of each task is not the same and rarely aligns to create one stream-lined cleaning plan. The truth is that no one schedule will work perfectly; many factors must be considered. The size of your home, pets, children, budget, and time schedule will influence your personal cleaning schedule. Consider using this framework for creating your cleaning plan: divide and compartmentalize the tasks into seasons, months, weeks, and those tasks that need to be completed daily.

Seasonal chores can be some of the most important, but also the most forgotten parts of your cleaning schedule. These are the tasks that only need your attention two to three times per year, but are considered vital to maintain the cleanliness of your home. They generally coincide with removing or changing of decorations (holidays, etc.) and they also are sparked by entertainment/hosting opportunities (annual birthday parties, family reunions, etc.) Spring is a perfect time to start season chore habits; a time to purge, collect, and host a yard sale!

Tasks to include: Clean out closets, wash pillows and stuffed toys, clean out toy bins, vacuum mattresses, vacuum window screens, use a carpet cleaner on all rugs and carpets. Clean gutters, fireplaces, and chimneys.

Monthly chores are important to maintain a clean house, but are tasks that are acceptable to ignore during a busy work week. Often, these chores require more in-depth time commitment and, depending on your work schedule, require a ‘weekend’ time slot to complete.

Tasks to include: Dust blinds and either vacuum or launder curtains, wash windows, wipe cupboards, was trash cans, straighten shoes dresser units, clean mirrors and dust pictures, change filters on heating/AC units, wash handrails and doors.

Weekly chores are those that warrant enough repetitiveness that they should be accomplished once a week. Many choose to divide weekly chores into designated days so that the work doesn’t build up and consume an entire chunk of one day to complete. Others like to schedule one night a week that is dedicated to completing all weekly chores.

Tasks to include: Clean out the refrigerator, toss old or expired food, scrub kitchen and bathroom sinks and other appliances, vacuum rugs and carpets, mop all hard floor surfaces, changes beddings, scrub toilets and bathtubs.

Daily chores equate to tasks that equal the absolute minimum that must be accomplished in order to keep your house in working order. Depending on your household, these duties might even need to be done more than once a day. Categorizing daily chores can be difficult because the famous saying does apply, “to each his own,” meaning in this case each homeowner’s taste level and personal preference will dictate the appropriate amount of daily work needed.

Tasks to include: Wash dishes, clear and wipe kitchen table, wipe countertops and surfaces of appliances, take out the trash, spray shower with daily shower spray, make all beds, sort incoming mail, straighten end tables and other flat surfaces, take care of general clutter.

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