When it comes to making yourself at home, there are a lot of questions that will arise. The ultimate question, which is better renovating vs. building new, can give you hiccups. Choosing the right option for you can be a highly complex process and will take a lot of time. The best option before you start is to consult professionals. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. This article will discuss renovating vs. building new, which is better.


What to know before renovating or building new

Before making the hardest decision, you should do some consulting and preparation. Whether you are thinking of changing something in your existing home, buying one, or building a new you should always have a few key factors on your mind:

  • Budget
  • Location and Legislation limitations
  • Available time
  • Idea suitability

To be able to prepare all details for your decision, Distinct Construction has prepared a lot of advice and is always ready to assist you.



The budget is the main component of every plan. To determine a budget, you will need to check your financial possibilities. The critical factor is to define the amount you will be comfortable appointing for your project. After setting the budget, you should check with a professional if your budget meets your ideas. A good suggestion for creating the budget, whether you are building new or renovating, is to lower the amount you appointed for the project by at least 10 %. This will give you space for unforeseen problems that may emerge during the project.

Planning a budget for your project

Creating a budget is a key step in deciding which is better- renovating vs. building new

Considering all expenses is essential when comparing your budget with the ideas. The expense list must include taxes, design fees, moving costs, construction, element modeling, furnishing, and unpredictable issues. Expenses sometimes include renting an apartment; moving out during renovation can often speed up work. This might be necessary if you are planning a total home renovation.


Location and Legislation limitations

Location can be crucial when you are preparing your ideas. Sometimes building new can be easier than renovating, and vice versa. Building permits have an essential role in the design. That is why checking with your local construction bureau about planned work availability is crucial. Getting a permit is vital before your works start. When evaluating which is better, renovating or building new, paperwork is a thing to consider. Consequently, building new will require more permits and more paperwork.


Available time

Creating the required work schedule is also good when you decide what you want to do. All the paperwork and design planning should be included in your schedule. As previously mentioned renovating requires less paperwork than building new. As a result of less paperwork, renovation should take less time. Even with the best contractors, the process can be chaotic sometimes. For most projects, time limits will be crossed. Considering the above, it’s good to arm yourself with patience.

When talking about time, weather conditions also need to be considered. Seasons play a significant role in project performance. If you are building new or renovating, summer is the best time of the year for that. At the same time, winter is always considered to be perfect for design modeling.


Idea suitability

When planning a renovation or building a new home, you should always consider factors like location, legislation limits, and budget. Often it can be difficult to combine those factors with your idea. It is recommended to check online for interiors before talking with an architect or designer. Take notes of the styles, colors, and textures, or save places you like. Also, write daily life functions you would like to achieve with the design. All of the above will help your designer to understand your vision and requirements.

Project planning for your new home

Making a plan when building a new home

Renovating home

When you start renovating, you will realize that it’s never like you see it on TV shows. There will always be some hiccups and delays. But it’s not all bad; renovating has a lot of benefits. Renovation can improve the functionality of your home, enhance value and make you feel more at home. Repairing some existing problems can be easily fixed with renovation. Existing limitations of your home will sometimes require creativity and innovation. With every step, renovating will make you love your home more.

Two persons renovating

Renovating can be a fun family project

Renovating can be small-scale or total. Small-scale renovation doesn’t require much time and is, most of the time, practical. A larger-scale renovation project might require you to move out. During the renovation, it is imperative to know where everything is. That is why paying attention to label organization for storage is principal. Renovating can also be a fun family project that will help you connect on a higher level.


Building a new home vs. renovating- which is better?

Building a new home will require some serious planning and decision-making. Creating an adequate budget is a significant factor that will determine the scale of your project and the time necessary. The planning part and permit part usually takes more time than renovation. If you are considering building a new home best advice is to consult an experienced architect. Building new will allow you to plan everything according to your wishes. More design options provide the possibility to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials, new technologies, and personalized layouts. The fact that everything is new and under warranty is one of the most incredible things about building a new home. Building a new home also has some cons. Initially, the cost is much higher than renovating. Working with contractors can cause a lot of stress. The required time when building new can be prolonged. Weather conditions also have a lot of influence on the work schedule. Considering the larger picture, building a new home has more advantages than cons.


Renovating vs. Building New – your choice

Whether you decide to renovate or build new, the choice is hard. The decision is always yours. Your ideas and your current situation are the critical factors for the selection. With professional assistance, you will be able to make the decision easier. When the project is ready, you should do a value analysis. This will help you to set the best option for you. Whether it is renovation vs. building new, remember, in the end, it is only your choice.

When it comes to your remodel, you want to work with pros who will communicate budget and timelines clearly, and do quality work. Call Distinct Construction today to schedule your quote!

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