You have the dream. You have the vision. You’re ready to take the next steps… but where to start? Entering the journey of home remodeling can fill any well-organized person with tension…there are so many unknowns and details that can leave any homeowner feeling lost and uncertain about their decision to dive into a remodeling project. 

We believe that if you are able to clearly define your project goals and budget, partnering with a reputable and reliable contractor can ease many tensions and smooth over all other unknowns. Trusting professionals to handle the trials and tribulations of home remodeling will allow you as the homeowner to focus on the joyful parts: reimagining an unused space, color choices, new furniture and decor, and maybe even planning a reveal party once the project is complete!

Communicate a plan… in writing. Start with a list that defines your needs versus your wants. What are you willing to compromise and what is essential to making this project successful? Do not underestimate the power of an idea board/book. Cataloging things that inspire you could have the potential to inspire more than just color and design tricks, it allows you to see a complete vision. 

Develop your plan… do as much research as possible. Refer back to your ‘needs vs. wants’ list and try to understand if any of the ‘needs’ on the project list will require vast structural changes to your home, and if so, the implications of those changes; load bearing walls, increase in budget, etc. Research your city’s permit requirements and understand their effect on your timeline and budget. Be as specific as possible when outlining each aspect of your project, both in budget allowances and labor. 

Involve the experts… partner with experienced and trusted contractors. Your budget and detailed plan will help guide your path to finding a contractor that fits your needs. Ask for several quotes on your project and also ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with your partnership. You want to partner with a business who is transparent about their timelines, payment schedules, and previous references. 

Distinct Construction services Northern Kentucky with kitchen remodeling as well as bathrooms, basements, and other important rooms in your home. The professional staff at Distinct Construction have a passion for transforming your kitchen into the true heart of your home. Let us make the big transformation so that you can make the small design choices that complete the room. Your family’s best memories are Distinct Construction’s top priority.