With kiddos pitter-pattering around, turning every household object into their toy and every wall into a canvas, it’s “mission impossible” to keep your home from looking like a daycare center or your cortisol levels from going through the roof. From toys taking over the place, sticky floors, and spill-proof snack cups living on your coffee table to crayon scribbles on the walls – it’s all fair game for the little ones. Not so fun for the parents, though. So how can you possibly combine fashion and function in your design to create both a safe place for play and exploration for the kids and a stylish refuge for you and your spouse? Is it even feasible? With these kid-friendly home renovation ideas, we say yes.

Boy and girl playing with their toys

Kids will be kids. The mess will always be there. You just need to find a way to make it work.

The Kitchen

Let’s start from the heart and soul of every home – the kitchen. It’s the one place where you are sure to find families come together to enjoy a meal and each other’s company. But, it’s also the one room in the house that seems to be the most fascinating to the tiny humans. And why wouldn’t it be? So many drawers to open, switches to flip, and buttons to press. Not to mention that it’s the place where all the yummy things come from! Yet, we all know that kids and hot cooktops, razor-sharp knives, and brittle glassware don’t go well together. So, if you have one of those tiny humans running around the house, you should plan your kitchen design with the whole family in mind.

Kid-friendly kitchen design

  • Go with no walls. Not only is an open concept floor plan timelessly modern, but it also makes multitasking as a parent so much easier. Imagine being able to cook in a space where you can keep an eye on your kids, whether they’re playing in the living room or doing their schoolwork in the breakfast nook.
  • Consider the cook’s viewpoint. Besides knocking down a few walls, consider positioning the kitchen island so that you don’t need to turn your back to the kids while preparing the meals. Finally, set up the sink area right under a window to get a clear line of sight of your yard while doing the dishes.
  • Pick durable and easy-to-clean materials. When you share your living quarters with kids, spills and messes come with the territory. That’s why you need to make it as low-maintenance as possible. For instance, some go-to options for the parents are granite and quartz for the countertop materials, flat-slab for the cabinet fronts, and stone, tile, and laminate for the floors.
  • Childproof when necessary. Make your kitchen safer with round bench top ends, high shelves, closed-door cabinetry, and drawers with baby locks and slow-closing hinges. Also, baby gates will keep the children from wandering around, and touch-free faucets will prevent any hot water accidents because you can pre-set them to a safe “start temperature”.
  • Plan for accessibility. Fun-sized furniture is crucial for any child-friendly home design. So, consider investing in a stepping stool, a ‘split level’ benchtop, and a miniature table, or one with adjustable height.

Father and daughter in the kitchen area.

When planning your kitchen design, it’s important to consider the whole family.

The Bathroom

Another room in your house that intrigues the little dwellers is your bathroom. If you want a new bathroom that lets the kiddos “do it themselves”, make sure you take these kid-friendly home renovation ideas there as well.

  • Safety first. Install a shelving unit, or vanity, with both open and closed storage. This allows you to store the medication, chemicals, and cleaning supplies higher up and safely locked away and the kids’ bath items down on a low open shelf for easy reach.
  • Light it up. Toilet nightlights will not only make your kiddo’s late-night trips to the potty safe but also keep the boogeyman and the crew from lurking in the shadows and gobbling them up.
  • Double the vanity. All the struggles of sharing the bathroom with the kids can go away with an installment of two separate vanity stations. Or, if you lack the space, go with a larger sink with multiple faucets.
  • Add hooks. Make sure your kids have no excuse for leaving wet towels on the floor by adding some extra towel hooks.
  • Help them reach the sink. If you don’t want the little ones calling for your name every time they want to wash their hands, simply add a step stool. A more practical and space-efficient option is to build in a pull-out step.
  • Easy flush. Forgo the difficult flush buttons in favor of a toilet with a soft flush button.
  • Magic mirror on the wall. Pivoting mirrors are fantastic products. They’re incredibly practical for shared bathrooms, as they can be easily adjusted according to your kids’ current height.
  • The right materials. Wainscoting or tiles will protect the walls and sheetrock from damage, and quartz countertops are stain- and scratch-resistant. Finally, anti-slip flooring will prevent slips and falls.

Toddler brushing her teeth

Bathrooms are so fascinating to the little guys. So, it’s important to make them kid-friendly.

The Living Area

Time to make one final stop – your living room. Now, if you’ve just about to move to Kentucky and start renovating your new home, you ought to be prepared by the time the decorating stage kicks in.

Moving is stressful – especially if you’re moving long-distance, and even more so when you’ve got tiny humans running around. So, it’s best not to try to do everything by yourself. One of the key ways to organize a stress-free relocation in Kentucky is to hire reliable long-distance movers. Having an experienced team in your corner taking care of every part of your relocation process will grant you the time you need for making your new home both kid- and adult-friendly. Otherwise, you’ll just wake up one day to realize that your living room somehow ended up looking like Legoland just met the 80’s McDonald’s playground and find yourself wishing for just a little bit of the style back.

So, what’s there to consider?

  • Multi-purpose furniture. Ottomans and sofas with secret storage inside are godsent when you need both more space and a place to store all things Peppa Pig and your formidable collection of children’s books.
  • Rounded edges. If your kids are like most kids, then their heads are pretty much a magnet for sharp edges. So, swap your old sharp-edged coffee table, sofa, and cabinetry for pieces that have soft, rounded edges.
  • Anti-tip furniture. It’s also common for the kids to play on furniture. So, you should make sure their grabbing and pulling don’t lead to a heavy piece of furniture, like your TV, toppling over. You can do this by locking the heavy items in place with anti-tip kits.
  • Kid-friendly paint. Kids will be kids. And the moment you look away, they’ll grab their favorite-colored crayon and turn your living area into an art exhibition. Luckily, there are always washable interior paints available in local home design stores.
  • Hard-wearing finishes and furnishings. As always, durability is key. So, always opt for finishes that can withstand the chaos of day-to-day life with your tot on top of the item’s usual wear and tear.
  • Vinyl flooring. The same goes for your floors. A high-quality vinyl floor is virtually impossible to destroy, meaning it will likely survive through the better part of your kids’ stay at your new Kentucky home.
  • Carpet tiles. People say that having kids means you’ll probably have to kiss luxurious carpets and area rugs goodbye. But carpet tiles are here to save the day. If something spills on the tile, you can easily take it out and have it dry cleaned. And if the stain won’t come off, you can simply replace that one little square with a new one.

Let’s wrap things up

When planning your dream renovation, taking any potential new additions to the family is just part of the deal. But as it turns out, planning your home design with both form and function in mind makes mum’s and dad’s life a whole lot easier. We hope our kid-friendly home renovation ideas were useful.

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