There is no doubt the pandemic will change the holiday experience for many this year. From suspended travel plans to smaller gatherings, many of us will find ourselves hosting more intimate celebrations. Whether this is your first chance to prepare a holiday meal or you are a ‘seasoned’ pro, now is the time to get your kitchen ready for the cooking and baking bonanza!

  1. Discard – This is the perfect time for that once-a-year sifting through of your refrigerator, pantry, and spice rack. Discard expired foods to make room for leftovers and dishes that must be refrigerated. Make sure all the spices you plan to use are still fresh, as they can make or break your signature dish.
  2. Declutter – Regardless of the number around your table this year, you will need counter space to prepare dishes and meals. And if you’re like most people, your kitchen counter often becomes the dumping ground for everything. Mail, magazines, packages, purses, laptops; anything we carry into the house with us often gets deposited onto the kitchen counter. As you clear those items, evaluate the other mainstays of your counter. Perhaps a lazy susan or centerpiece needs to disappear for a few weeks to create more room?  
  3. Stock Up – Take inventory to make sure you have ample amounts of the mainstays of cooking. Flour, sugar, salt & pepper, oil, and vinegar to name a few. While you’re at it, make sure you have plenty of non-cooking essentials such as garbage bags, dish soap, and aluminum foil. Nothing worse than holiday preparations getting put on pause while some poor soul goes out in a desperate search for a last-minute item.
  4. Clean – Of course you’re going to clean your kitchen and dining space. But now is also the time to think deep clean. Thoroughly clean your cook spaces and run the self-clean cycle of your oven. Cleaning your oven will improve it’s cooking temperature and time accuracy and keep your house from smelling like 3-week old burnt food!
  5. Organize – You’ve put it off for months… but you really need to get those clutter-zones of your kitchen in order. The pantry, the spice cabinet, and even the dreaded tupperware drawer! Taking the time to go through and organize these spaces will save you time and anxiety while knee-deep in dish preparation.

In the midst of this preparation, you may discover what you’ve suspected for a long time; your kitchen can’t handle what you “bring to the table” so to speak. Time for a make-over! When you are ready to design and build your dream kitchen, give the experts at Distinct Construction a call. We can work with any space, no matter how small, to give you the room and storage you need to pull off the meals of your dreams!