Budget with Quotes from Real Life, Not Reality-TV

Home-makeover shows share some version of a price for the work they are doing, but those figures might as well be monopoly money for what it’s worth to your own budgeting. Keep things realistic by going straight to the source. Get actual quotes from local contractors. Pricing can be affected by the availability of materials, the current workload of construction professionals, and seasonal constraints on a project. And know that written estimates are key when it comes to clarity between you and the construction crew. 


Factor in the Price of Temporary Housing

If your renovations will displace where you sleep, eat, and/or use the bathroom, when you’re making your budget it’s important to factor in how you’ll adapt. If your kitchen is being renovated you may need to spend more on restaurants and takeout. If your bathroom or bedroom is being renovated, it may be necessary to stay at a hotel or rental.


Contractors are Key

Hire a general contractor rather than individual installers. General contractors know how to troubleshoot and coordinate with a variety of tradespeople and can adapt to whatever your project needs.


Avoid Decision Fatigue

Don’t get bogged down by small choices. If you’re super indecisive, consider getting a designer’s help, and request to be presented with just three options to choose from.


Architects are Problem Solvers

People usually just think of architects for large-scale projects or builds, but architects can help to solve all sorts of problems, big and small. When you’re feeling stumped about how to renovate an architect might be a great resource for your project.


Aim to have the Project Done Right, Not Rushed

When it comes to getting the best work done, it’s important to work with the schedule of the professionals. Sometimes this means a project starting later than you hoped, but it’s worthwhile to get it to turn out exactly how you’d like to save a lot of hassle, stress, and relationship tensions. In this same vein, it’s important to have someone who knows how to do the exact work you’re looking to have done. If you are requiring an installation of specialty materials or equipment, make sure the person you’re working with has the skills and experience to do the job right.


When it comes to your remodel, you want to work with pros who will communicate budget and timelines clearly, and do quality work. Call Distinct Construction today to schedule your quote!


Original Blog Source: https://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/home-improvement/renovations/what-to-know-before-renovate