Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to refinish your basement! Now what?!? Before you lies a seemingly never-ending list of choices for reclaiming that unused space and turning it into an additional living area for your family. Whether you’re flipping an outdated but previously finished space or starting from scratch with concrete walls and floors, let’s take a moment to consider all the ways that space can be utilized:


  • Additional Living/Family Room –  Keeping your whole family tied to one viewing space can be challenging; adults want to watch the big game while kids have their own agendas. Adding an additional room for relaxing and entertaining is a great way to keep everyone happy. And when it’s time for a family movie, you have options as to where to assemble!
  • Kids’ Playroom – Tired of stepping over/on countless toys? Overwhelmed by the rush to stow them all when unexpected company shows up? Done with the nightly ritual of picking them all up so you can relax in your living room, only to have them all reappear again in the morning? Consider turning your lower level  into a playroom for your children. While the space will still need regular parental maintenance (i.e. clean-up), you’ll no longer feel like you’re constantly drowning in stuffed animals and Legos. Some thoughtful planning can ensure this space is safe for unsupervised activity.
  • Parents’ Playroom – Face it… our toys are cooler anyway! Maybe your kids are older and have outgrown the need for a play place. Time to make the basement your playground! Pool table, pinball, darts, BIG screen, wet bar, perhaps even a walkout to the hot tub! If you can dream it, it can happen.
  • Home Office – Now more than ever, Americans find themselves working from home. Whether full or part-time, temporary or permanent, the need to have a dedicated space to allow you to be your most productive is paramount. Ready to start your own business? You won’t get very far working at the dining room table. Easily convert your basement space to a home office that suits your work needs.
  • Bedroom – Life is full of curveballs; one of the hard-breaking curves being added members of the family. Whether it’s another child on the way or a grandparent in need of living assistance, it is easy to find that suddenly your 3-4 bedroom home is short on sleeping space. Don’t sell your dream home; reinvent it with some bunk beds or a murphy bed.
  • Home Gym – Tired of driving to the gym? Ready to workout anytime you want? Time to convert some or all of your lower level to a workout room. Though this can be one of the more costly renovations in terms of equipment, you will earn that money back through the gym membership fees you no longer have to pay!
  • Your Own Personal Museum – Ready to properly display that Star Wars or Cabbage Patch Doll collection? Some custom cabinets and shelving can create the nerd-space of your dreams. Just be sure to build for the collection you want to have, not the one you currently have by allowing for future expansion of the display.
  • Efficiency Apartment – If the space is big enough, you may be able to create an efficiency out of your basement. The space would need to include a bathroom, full kitchen, and laundry facilities separate from those on the main living levels. The apartment could then be used by friends, family, visitors from out of town, long term renters, or as an airbnb.
  • The Combo – It’s very possible to combine several of these options. The home office/gym. The playroom/guestroom. As your needs change so will the space. As you plan out your remodel, be mindful of your needs now and in the future.

Again, if you can dream it, we can help you get there! Distinct Construction of Northern Kentucky has the knowledge and experience to create a space that fits your lifestyle and needs, today, tomorrow, and beyond! Give us a call today!!!