Remodeling your home to make it more accessible as you age is a smart decision.  Clients consider this when they are remodeling their kitchen or bath. There are now 49.2 million Americans aged 65 years and older. According to a study by HomeAdvisor, as much as 61% of these people planning to stay in their homes indefinitely. This choice needs to be made with many considerations for health and the availability of outside support.  Investing in aging-in-place upgrades is more important today than ever.

Creating a remodeled bathroom that is on-trend with the benefits of aging-in-place modifications may seem challenging.  With the help of experts, this process can be stress-free. Here are some small ideas that can have a large impact on your overall accessibility:

Install Grab Bars in the Bathroom

With the aging-in-place design, plumbing manufacturers such as Kohler and Delta are now offering decorative grab bars that coordinate with their faucets. Grab bars can now be functional and also beautiful looking like an added towel bar in a shower.  They give you and your loved ones a better grip when coming out of the shower or when entering the tub. When installing grab bars, create an ample maneuvering space to make it easy to move around. It’s all about design planning.

Add a Shower Seat

For many older adults, standing in the shower for a long period can quickly become tiring. This can be remedied by shower systems with an added bench seat. Minimizing shower curbs is something to consider as well.


When it comes to your kitchen, it’s all about the intentionality of design. We recommend moving the sink closer to the stove to make it easier to move large pots and pans between the two areas. Planning your kitchen layout with our team will ensure a more functional and accessible space.

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